The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Editorial experiment of Oscar Wilde’s masterpiece.

130 x 170 mm, February 2014.

For this project, I intended to reveal the crazyness of the main character, Dorian Gray. For this effect, the typography starts quietly, with straight columns, and calm lines. The pictures reflect different parts of what would be a man protrait. Then it starts to get messy, the paper is more colorfull, the typefonts get bolder, wilder, melted. Sentences of the text get bigger so the tension of the book gets obvious in the feature of the pages. And finally, the texts is no longer legible, it gets mixed with the visuals to express the anger, the vices, the weakness of the eponymous character, with a damaged aspect that leaks out all the infamy, the vileness and the abomination that affects both Dorian Gray and the book itself.